Scoring for pre-qualification of candidates, Web API, plugin & wordpress themes


Scoring to pre-qualify the pertinence of your candidates

Refine your recruitments with our Applywith solution. As soon as a candidate applies to your offer via Applywith, you receive a compatibility score between his CV and your offer


Chat bot incorporate into Applywith scoring.

Contrary to a traditional form, the chat bot permit to complete the missing information by asking you as a recruiter. It refines your job offer and helps you in its consolidation.

API Applywith partners

Implement your own HR application services in real time. The API gives you access to a set of services.

You can for example:

  • Change the status of an application
  • Create a new application
  • Get the list of possible status of applications
  • Get applications
  • Create / edit a job
  • Request a new CV resume scoring through existing user databases

After the widget, the Applywith wordpress plugin.

WordPress occupies 27% of the web.

This plugin permit you an quickly and adapted use on all wordpress platforms.

 A corporate WordPress theme including our plugin

Applywith® is a professional and modern WordPress theme

Applywith® theme is a professional and modern WordPress theme. Carefully designed and developed, this easy-to-use and feature-rich theme is suitable for various business and personal use.

Applywith® is fully responsive and automatically adapts to mobiles, tablets and PC screens.

The many customizable Applywith® features include:

  • Timeline, to image your story as a Facebook thread,
  • Testimonials and customer references / projects
  • Price grids,
  • Career space to propose your job offers with Applywith® one-click application button
  • Classic editorial pages such as “About” and many more.

This theme also offers several templates including:

  • 3 Homepage templates, a career page including our Applywith plugin
  • 3 page templates About
  • 2 page templates Our services
  • 1 page References
  • 2 page templates Price
  • FAQ page
  • Contact page

Tekoway, publisher of Web and Mobile business tools, offers with Applywith® a professional support with a theme for all person who want to create a website in a few clicks.


Applywith: an ecosystem

Applywith is a complete solution. Through Applywith theme you have our plugin and a career page allowing an optimized access to your recruitment. We added to this the scoring that refines your database.