Terms of use

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The present general conditions of service use (hereinafter referred to as GCSU) define the conditions of access and use of Applywith services, the rights and obligations of the TEKOWAY Company, publisher of the service and of the user.

Applywith is a service based on a software solution, proposed by the TEKOWAY Company, simplified joint stock company, registered in the Register of Commerce and Companies of Marseille under the number 793 778 770, with the authorized capital stock of Euros 7,000, whose registered office is at 51 Avenue André Roussin, 13016 Marseille, represented by its acting President. This service aims to provide the customers, individuals or legal entities with software designed as a Widget. This widget is presented in the shape of a button, called Applywith, allowing through one-click to synthesize the data submitted by the user on a social network such as LINKEDIN, VIADEO, MONSTER, DOYOUBUZZ, XING or INDEED, in order to apply for a job or internship offered by the person using the Applywith solution.



    The customer or subscriber: Means any person, physical or legal entity, having legal capacity and having signed a contract that allows to use to its advantage the service edited by TEKOWAY Company, called Applywith.
    The widget or button or “Applywith Application“: means the software solution proposed by the TEKOWAY Company integrated by its customers to their internet website, administrable and allowing the user to distribute the data it has previously indicated on one of the social networks to apply for a job or internship.

    The user: means any individual, using the Applywith button to distribute in a synthetic way and to organize the data it has indicated on the social networks.

    The social networks: restrictively means the following platforms: LINKEDIN, VIADEO, MONSTER, DOYOUBUZZ, XING or INDEED.

    The General Conditions of Service Use: means in the present document that the terms must be accepted by the user. This acceptance is done by simply clicking on the button.


    These General Conditions of Service Use are intended to define the conditions for using the Applywith button by any user.


    The using of Applywith button requires no special condition except that having an opened account on one of the social networks.


    The service offered by the Company TEKOWAY through the button Applywith is a service called “one-click”. Therefore, the user should be aware that by clicking on the social network of its choice, he automatically distributes the personal data that there are found at the owner of the site on which the button was implemented.

    As such, the user is aware that the data are compiled as follows:
    – Title of position with integration of the advertiser’s logo;
    – Surname, given name contact information;
    – Presentation of the training, qualifications, experience.
    – Integration of secondary information.


    To the extent that the user must already hold an account on a social network, it has already agreed to the general terms and conditions of use of one or more social networks mentioned above. However, the user agrees, in the context of the use of Applywith button also to respect the general terms and conditions of use of each of the social networks.


    TEKOWAY puts at the disposal of advertiser, via the Applywith product, a dashboard, summarizing the advertising campaigns and CV transmitted in PDF format.

    The TEKOWAY obligations are limited related to the application user to transmit the information compiled from the profile of the respective social network. The data, if available, such as e-mail and telephone numbers are transmitted by workable way.


    The personal data about the user and the client, collected by TEKOWAY are treated as part of the execution of the present in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 8-17 of January 6th, 1978 amended by Law No. 2004 -801 of August 6th, 2004. Thus, any Member has a right of access, rectification and opposition to the processing of the concerned personal data trhough the sending a letter to the Operator – Company TEKOWAY, 51 Avenue André Roussin, 13016 MARSEILLE – France, accompanied by a photocopy of his identity card.

    In no case the personal data of the members will not be transferred or sold to the third parties, excepting the client for which the user is requesting the Applywith.


    The Company TEKOWAY makes every effort to facilitate the dissemination by the user of its data to the company from which it wishes to apply. However, for the user it is a free service that cannot give rise to any billing. Therefore, even if the Company TEKOWAY makes every effort to properly disseminate the user’s data, she cannot be responsible for any possible failure, malfunction or bug which, outside of its control, could prevent the dissemination of such information.


    The use of Applywith service is governed by the French law.

    All disputes arising from the use of Applywith service or in relation thereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts.